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End of 2001 - beginning of 2002

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Caminante, view from Finnrose Caminante, view from Finnrose Mar del Plata, loading up supplies
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Mar del Plata, loading up supplies Mar del Plata, Pierre's  Morgengry. Mar del Plata, Beckie's & Evan's  Finnrose
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Lisa & Horacio built Artemis themselves Mar del Plata, Cristina just before leaving Finnrose, Golfo Nuevo
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Tina setting the spanker First sight of Isla Estados Tina, Puerto Hoppner
84546 bytes 84546 bytes 83701 bytes
Puerto Hoppner,  Isla Estados An eye of a needle we had to pass... Puerto Hoppner,  Isla Estados
85629 bytes 60991 bytes 76571 bytes
Puerto Hoppner,  Isla Estados Hawk , a new companion Kelp under the surface
111327 bytes 117775 bytes 110109 bytes
Kelp in shallow water A funny mushrom. Andy: You can eat it... Diving  to check the rudder
99430 88231 bytes 118363 bytes
Puerto Hoppner, good mooring a must Sudden pressure changes common in area Ulla's and Andy's Hawk, Puerto Espaņol
108129 71237 bytes 48330 bytes
Gustaf writing news Hella, Ard and Tina, Puerto Williams Fishingboats, Puerto Williams
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Puerto Williams, the Micalvi marina. All cruisers tyed up to a sunk old trader Christmas, Caminante. Beckie, Ard, Susan , Tony  (Solong) trying Tina's herring
Gustaf, Evans, Beckie and Ard getting "Janssons Frestelse" on board Caminante
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Boxingday cruise towards Ushuaia Tina hiding in the sprayhood, boxingday Nice weather on the way to Ushuaia
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The New Year party -02. The club house in Ushuaia. Ard on the guitar. Gustaf, Beth, Evans, Pierre + two crew men, Ard, a Frenchman, Hella, Evans and Beckie. Ard from Helena Cristina playing the accordion
89733 bytes 103105 bytes 71783 bytes
Jan-02. Tina and the owner's son, Braveheart in Ushuaia Braveheart on missions for National Geographic and radio amateurs Braveheart before departure to the Falklands to pick up the radio amateurs
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Helena Cristina leaving for the Antarctic Gustaf, Puerto Williams Gustaf, Tina and Maria,   Yacht Club Micalvi, PuertoWilliams, January 2002
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Sunrise, Puerto Williams Maria, Puerto Williams Lupins in January -02, Puerto Williams
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