Pictures 17

March - June 2003, Durban - St. Helena

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1. Broken windvane in the Indian Ocean.
2. Zebra in Umfolozi-Hluhluwe, S. Africa. 3. What are you looking at? Umfolozi-Hluhluwe.
4. A pair of Nyalas, Umfolozi-Hluhluwe, Natal SA. 5. Lazy days for a Rhins in the mud, Umfolozi-Hluhluwe. 6. A thoughtful giraffe in Umfolozi-Hluhluwe.
7. Peter and Henrik make the pool unsafe.
8. Hippos floating on the fat, Kruger. 9. Gosh! That was not neat, Kruger, SA.
10. Sailing Durban to P. Elizabeth. 11. Sealions enjoying the sun in Hout Bay, S.Africa. 12. Peter maintaining the anchor chain, Hout Bay
13. Carol in s/y Geranimo, Hout Bay. 14. Gustaf polishing pulpit in Hout Bay. 15. Hout Bay marina.
16. Åke and Mia climbing in Hout bay area. 17.Åke and Mia leaving Cape Town, Table Mountain behind. 18. Åke, Mia and Peter in Namibia.
19. Luderitz,Namibia. 20. Luderitz,Namibia. 21. Luderitz,Namibia.
22. The closed railway leading out from Luderitz, Namibia. 23. The anchor bay and village of Luderitz, facing north. 24. Diamond petrol? (Luderitz, Namibia)
25. Rocky desert, forbidden area, Luderitz, Namibia 26. I said it´s forbidden area! (Hyaena? Luderitz, Namibia) 27. Diamond boat in Luderitz with mammoth-hose and sieve.
28. Desert plants, Luderitz Namibia 29. Still out in forbidden land, Luderitz Namibia 30. Anyone seen my snake? - Luderitz Namibia
31. Happy Mia in Caminante. 32. Mia, Peter and Åke 33. Åke, Mia and Peter i Luderitz, Namibia
34. Gustaf, Åke and Mia, deserted village of Kolmanskop, Namibia. 35. Such a fence wont stop a Viking! Kolmanskop, Namibia. 36. German diamondminers around 1900, Kolmanskop, Namibia
37. Diamond dealers from the past, Kolmanskop, Namibia. 38. In the early days diamonds could be picked from the ground. 39. Did they have sand in their beds?
40. Heading for St Helena 41. Running before the tradewind towards the tropics. 42. Sun will set many times before this crossing ends.
43. Who can resist Peters curries?, Enroute Namibia to St Helena. 44. Midsommer party with Kjell in Geonimo, French grandmother. 45. Carol from Geranimo in a good mode as usual. St Helena June 15.