Pictures 19

August, 2003

 The arrival to Sweden

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1. First sight of Caminante, Orust 2. Gustaf onboard, needing a hair-cut 3. Peter, happy as usual
Tired seamen aboard Happy home Well done!
4. Gustaf & Mummy Barbro, Orust 5. Gustaf  & Daddy Peter 6. Olle & Birgitta, Tinas parents
In the kitchen Shorter hair now The voyage in a few words
7.  First sight of Caminante, Gothenburg 8. Gustaf, steering in 9. Birgitta presenting caps
Caminante arriving to GKSS The last feet Properly dressed in caps
10. Peter with gifts 11. People greating Caminante's crew 12. The Royal Club House
Wonderful time! Many friends waiting The home club
13. The friends, back in town. 14. "Have you seen our beer somewhere?" 15. What a day!
Thanks Caroline for this pic! Thanks again Caroline! With Thanks to our newspaper GT