SM6KIN is a Silent Key since Nov. 10, 2007 but his opto interface still lives.

For radio amateurs using digital modes like PSK 31
who are interested in building by themselves an isolated connection between a PC and a transceiver for their own use.

The description is primary made for ICOM transceiver type IC 706 MKIIG , but can easily be changed to suit
other modern transceivers with CAT interface.

För radioamatörer som använder digitala moder såsom PSK31 och som är intresserade av att för eget bruk själva bygga en isolerad förbindelse mellan en PC och en transceiver.

Beskrivningen är anpassad för en ICOM IC 706 MKIIG , men kan lätt modiferas att passa till andra moderna
transceivrar som har CAT interface.

Good Luck with the homebrew !        Lycka till med hembygget !

       Written 2007 by SM6KIN (Mac)

For contact e-mail Peter / SM6KFY:  

This interface is a spin off from a  project RRC (Remote Radio Control), still
under some development by SM6KFY, earlier also by SM6KIN. However this
big project will perhaps be launched in the future. Anyone interested out there?

PSK - Computer communication via transceivers for radio amateurs.

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