MOSH -transmits CW without pain


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Info in swedish                         Info in English

MOSH 6.1    V 6.1 English version   -The latest and last

MOSH 3.5 S    V 3.5 Svensk   -äldre och yngre datorer. En  liten  men bra trainer.

SOURCE    The source code for both programs in QB 4.5, possible to make changes.

EWB    Old issue of EWB (samples)

Drone film    Rasmus' Flying Circus (a big file)

CW trainer    A good program written by SM7GQU to learn CW

Mosh  works with Dos and Windows/95-98. Sorry,  Not with any newer PC.  Well, it could be done with a start disk...

Supports LPT and Com ports, works with the internal loudspeaker, not the sound card.

If you are a new Mosh user, please register by an e-mail!

And a P.S.: Swedish letters, also the @, sounded like .--.-. will work by default. Own sign combinations can also be created.


And a P.S. to P.S.: Many thanks to G4ILO who gives us these propagation forecasts:

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